Tuesday, August 12, 2008

eduFire: It's time to democratize learning!

Is nothing sacred? I hope not. Apparently education isn't, at least any longer. The idea behind eduFire is that citizen experts can monetize their knowledge as they teach others eager to learn from the best. Not the best as defined by Berlitz or whomever but rather the best as defined by the eduFire community.

It works like this. Cam to cam live learning. Nuff said. An expert posts his credentials and availability online, and people who need to learn the skills that that citizen expert can pay for live video learning. Naturally there is a ratings system that allows people who avail themselves of an expert’s services to rate their creds and style.

Currently focused exclusively on language learning, eduFire plans to expand their offerings over time to include a broad range of skills – methinks the model will grow based upon what the community actually wants. What a novel approach, eeh?

Anyway, this seems like a pretty cool idea to me. The cam 2 cam aspect means that learning would be available on the users’ terms. eduFire actually has a well defined revenue model as well – they get a cut of the learning fees. Here’s an example of a teacher’s page:

I learned about eduFire on Tech Crunch. Here's their 60 second video pitch:

Anyway, I like this concept -- the idea that the web gives people the opp to share knowledge and make a little dough in the process. Surf on offer and check it out!

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  1. Hi Jim,

    I am a Community Manager at Edufire and I want to thank you for the kind words.

    Probably my favorite aspect of Edufire is the opportunity to have a totally customized language learning experience. I never thought of it as domocratizing learning but it really is - great perspective!

    Take care,


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