Saturday, August 23, 2008

CNN Goes Embeddable

Professional content sites naturally have a love hate relationship with embeddable vids. The reach and distribution are great, but the monetization is a bit of a problem because, well, when someone snaps a clip and sticks it on YouTube or wherever, there's no revenue for the content owner.

But embeds are inevitable, and more and more companies are recognizing the inherent value in ad supported embeds. CNN, for example, picked last week to introduce embeddable video on its stories, and it was a marvelous day to do so. Why? Take a look:

Since this was just about the biggest story we were expecting, at least until McCain picks his Veep nominee, it was excellent timing.

CNN could use the ratings help, by which I don't mean the vid views but rather the idea that embeds reinforce their leadership in news and drive people to the site to view more.

The only surprise to me is that there isn't preroll on every airing.

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