Monday, August 25, 2008

China Crushes Blogger Freedom of Speech -- Arrest Five at the Olympics

So much for allowing people to report what they want. China has cracked down on the blogger community at the Beijing Olympics, arresting five bloggers who had the temerity to report what is going on in Tibet. Well, at least we know the Chinese government cannot be trusted to keep their word or tell the truth about...well really anything.

Next it'll be fetuses on the uneven parallel bars. They are certainly limber, fetuses. I predict sonograms as passport photos.

But anyway, back to that little thing called freedom of speech.

This arrest spree adds names to the list of detained reporters and bloggers, which now reads:

- James Powderly
- Brian Conley
- Jeffrey Rae
- Jeff Goldin
- Michael Liss
- Tom Grant

So, hey China: Part of being recognized as a real world player is to have enough confidence in your government to tolerate dissenting POVs.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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  1. I wouldn't vacation there for a bit. Just to be safe.


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