Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can You Make It Loud3r, Please?

If you are really into a band, you always want the song to be louder. It's the same for a lot of content junkies now, because Loud3r has emerged on the scene.

Loud3r is built on the premise that if you are into something, you want a way to cull through the dreck to find the best content out there. And who better to decide what's news than you and the other junkies out that that share your passions? The "engine" for each of these specialty sites is a combination of semantic search and people. They start by defining a list of the most important sites and...well, let them explain it to you:

LOUD3R sites are created by assembling a source list of websites and a semantic glossary of terms that teach the content engine how to identify the best news stories, photos, videos, and other content from hundreds of Websites related to a particular topic. We use a combination of human editorial input combined with semantic software to assemble all the best content, from a web-wide perspective, for any given topic. The technology learns from user behavior, allowing the site to react to the community's interests and preferences. We sift through the bad, so you don't have to.

Loud3r isn't a website, it's loads of specialty content sites. In addition to their exhaustive approach to find content, users suggest links to the content on their passions -- links that they find most valuable. These links, coupled with watching what people click on, comment on, and refer to, help to improve their content and search over time.

Can't get enough politics (like me?) Head over to vot3r.com.

Want soccer news? Try strik3r.com

Oh, there's a blizzard of these specialty sites that offer advantages to content junkies in that they are singularly focused on a passion, and all the articles and content listed are vetted by other content junkies.

I perused some of the sites and found them to be excellent distillations of all the content out there -- I am not saying they catch everything but they do find great stuff, and put the best of what they find on top. Which is about all I can ask of them -- their products work.

Go ahead, find your passion among their exhaustive and growing list of properties. Then visit and start clicking. It won't take long b3fore you'r3 addict3d.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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