Thursday, August 28, 2008

BackPack: An Intranet in 30 Seconds.

There's a big difference between a steamer trunk and a backpack. They both are used to lug stuff. But to move a steamer trunk around, you need help, special strength, perhaps even moving equipment. The backpack, you just grab, load, and go.

Which is surely the idea behind the name choice of BackPack, an intranet in a box now in use by 350,000 companies and organizations. With all of the various options for Intranets, collaboration, email, IM, and the myriad other productivity packages and applications, I was intrigued by the idea of having everything all rolled up into one easy to get started web based offering.

And I liked what I found.

Really it's broader than an intranet. Scheduling, group communications, collaboration platforms, file sharing, team management, reminders, whiteboards (called "writeboards") and more.

The following screens dissect the various features and screens. Click to expand them for greater readability. If you are feeling a little too lazy for that, zip over to the front page and watch their concise and clear vid demo.

Designed for small and medium sized companies/groups, they offer four pricing plans:

A free individual account.
A basic account with 4 gigs for up to 6 desks.
A plus account for up to 15 users with 10 gigs of space
A super account for up to 40 users with 20 gigs

Larger versions include more features, and the super package offers SSL encryption security and free Campfire.

It's a very solid package that looks like it could add a lot of value for small and medium sized orgs. In fact, I am going to recommend that we at Catalyst:SF try it.

Head on over, it's worth a visit.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to write.

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