Monday, August 11, 2008

Fundamentals of Online Video: Post 3: Statistics


A May 2008 Comscore press release stated that the number of online video watched now EXCEEDS the number of searches conducted:

Similarly, an emarketer report states that the proportion of online consuemrs that consume online video is now 80%, and will be edging toward 90% by 2012:

A leading research source states that the video usage is virtually evenly split across genders, with 52% of users make and 48% female.

While video consumption, especially heavy video consumption does skew younger and upper income, almost 50% of seniors consumer online video, so this is clearly not just for the kids.

Nielsen shows the following figures for the largest video destinations online.

Data indicate three based tiers of online video consumers, with a small group of total junkies:

Finally, in case you are interested, here are the figures for what people tend to watch online:

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