Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AKQA/.Mobi Study Provides Additional Insight on the iPhone 3G Phenomenon

Sales of the iPhone 3G have been nothing short of remarkable, and of course the key driver is the ability to access the mobile web – for downloading apps, for acquiring content, and for entertaining oneself.

Whenever I see something take off like this, I like to consider whether the device solved a problem or created a new need. For example, I’d say iPod created a new need (a desire of a musical world on one’s own terms), while Diet Coke solved a problem back when it was launched (until DC, diet colas tasted lousy.)

A recent study jointly produced by AKQA Mobile and dotMOBI seems to indicate that iPhone 3G solves a problem – the need for a more positive mobile web experience. Now, the desire for a better mobile web experience should come as no surprise – it is the logical progression and expression of the consumer desire to get more faster.

But the data from this study point to some areas of dissatisfaction that a great number of consumers were experiencing before iPhone 3G launched. Let’s have a look at some highlights.

The data indicate that while the mobile web is very important to users, especially below 35s, it also says 44% of US users had a very disappointing first experience. The figures were even higher for UK users, which showed a 51% dissatisfaction rate with their first experience.

This is just one of the interesting bits of info in this study. Download it for free today.

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